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Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, R... Ne Répond Plus, 1982

Open City Documentary Festival - Early Works: The Dardennes #1

19 Jun 2015

A screening of two early documentaries by the Dardenne brothers.

When the Boat of Léon M. Went Down the Meuse River for the First Time
(dir. Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Belgium 1979, 40 mins.)

This early poetic documentary follows the 1960 general strike in Belgium’s Meuse River industrial region by juxtaposing archival footage of the events with interviews with locals, who recount their memories of the strike and the labor union and government response. Structuring the film and serving as its meditative center is the solo, self-sufficient voyage of a former striker up the river to Liège in a hand-built boat.

R... Ne Répond Plus
(dir. Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne, Belgium 1982, 52 mins.)

This documentary further reveals the Dardennes’ fascination with alternative modes for sharing and distributing information. Where For The War To End The Walls Should Have Crumbled recounts the history of a workers’ newspaper, R…No Longer Answers focuses on Europe's vast network of amateur, independent and pirate radio broadcasters. The film is a collage, filmed at a variety of locations, from radio studios to snowy landscapes where transmitters are set up. Just as the broadcasters bring together far-flung communities of listeners, the Dardennes’ montage creates a whole out of this network of spaces and people.


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