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Zak Razvi, Jordanne, 2014

Open City Documentary Festival: DocHeads: Best UK Short Award

18 Jun 2015

Join DocHeads for a screening of the Best UK Short Award Nominees. There will be networking in the bar from 7.30pm and after the screening.

(dir. Zak Razvi, UK 2014, 5 mins.)

Zak Razvi's directorial debut follows Jordanne Whiley, a 22-year-old British female disabled tennis player striving to become the only Briton to win all four Grand Slams (Wimbledon, French Open, Australian Open & US Open) in one calendar year.

Powder Rooms of the Female Kind
(dir. Tash Horton, UK 2014, 12 mins.)

A colourful exploration of the landscape of the female face, and the minds of 12 young women from Britain, who are growing up in a society obsessed with physical appearance.

(dir. Max Cutting, Dan Ridgeon, James Dougan, UK 2014, 12 mins.)

Porters highlights the essential work done by those in underappreciated British National Health Service positions.

Touch Life
(dir. Leo Bruges & Marcin Knyziak, UK 2014, 12 mins.)

Agata, a blind woman, ponders how she can be sure about her loved one when she's never seen him.

Across the Trackers: Steps towards Clean India
(dir. Catherine Feltham, UK 2015, 10 mins.)

Radha Verma builds one of the first toilets in the Rakhi Mandi slum, in order to protect young girls like her daughter from being attacked outside.

(dir. Tomas Leach, UK 2014, 7 mins.)

A funny, tender and intimate short film about what men think about having to delay that vital moment.

With thanks to Directors UK for supporting this award.


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