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Place of Work, dir. Tait, 1976

Onwards and Outwards: Place of Work & Exhibition + Laura Mulvey in conversation with Joanna Hogg about ‘the pleasures of making’.

10 Sep 2015

Laura Mulvey and Joanna Hogg are in conversation about 'the pleasures of making' following the screenings.

Place of Work

In 1976 the council were soon to take back filmmaker Margaret Tait’s house and studio, a small building in Buttquoy, Orkney. Place of Work explores Tait’s familiarity with this cherished location, where she aims “to define a place, or the feeling of being in one place, with the sense this gives one, not of restriction but of the infinite variations available.” Her camera moves indiscriminately, simultaneously promoting distanced contemplation and intimate experience.

Place of Work, dir. Margaret Tait, UK 1976, 31 mins.


Centring upon two undoubtable middle-class artists as they arrange to move house, Exhibition casts two non-professional actorsartist Liam Gillick and Viv Albertine of legendary punk band The Slitswithin the architecture of James Melvin. Joanna Hogg’s film strays from conventional notions of British cinema, drawing influences from French and Japanese cinema to employ fixed cameras and long takes that fuse the inner desires of the protagonist to the space she inhabits. A complex and imaginative piece of cinema, Hogg employs cinematic devices to reveal the subjectivities of her characters.

EXHIBITION - Joanna Hogg (trailer)

Exhibition, dir. Joanna Hogg, UK 2013, 104 mins.

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Onwards and Outwards Trailer

Onwards and Outwards is a nationwide programme of screenings, talks, and events, which aims to establish a dialogue around the conditions of production that women face when attempting to use the moving image as a means of expression.

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