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Jack Smith, Untitled, 1958-1962, Copyright Estate of Jack Smith, Courtesy Gladstone Gallery, New York and Brussels

Normal Love

14 Sep 201118 Sep 2011

Smith's second feature length film derives from his adoration of Maria Montez, the B- movie star best know for her performance in Cobra Woman. It features a variety of 30's horror film monsters, a mermaid, a lecher, and various cuties performed by a cast which included Mario Montez, John Vaccaro, Diane DePrima, Beverly Grant, Tiny Tim, and others. After completing the black and white Flaming Creatures, Smith shot the more ambitious Normal Love in dazzling color, with elaborate sets (including a Busby Berkeley–esque multitiered cake made by Claes Oldenburg).


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E.g., 06-08-2021