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New Terms Workshop, 2013

New Terms: Radical Education Workshops: Cutting up Art Education

29 Nov 2014

Part of a series of participatory and theoretical sessions in the ICA Studio on experimental and radical learning and pedagogy, led by members of the New Terms group.

Avenues of questioning such as William S Burroughs cut-up techniques, collage and other anti-narrative strategies to deconstruct institutional favouritisms are explored, by capitalising on silenced conscious and unconscious experiences and bringing these to the forefront of our enquiry.

How does art education influence subjects and figures we perceive to be of cultural value? Who or what else determines certain subjects in culture as important and why? How do these constructed values affect our positionings within race, gender and class struggles?

Session facilitated by New Terms members Himarni Munasunghe & Anni Movsisyan.

This event is initiated by ICA Student Forum member Anna Kontopoulou

This event is part of the New Terms: Radical Education Workshops series on Saturday 29 November as part of Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2014. The full workshop programme includes:


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