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LSFF: Tales of the Unexpected

7 Jan 2012

The classic scary story with a twist in the tale was a staple of 1970s television; a ghost story, a vampire story, a twisted story, a story set in a not-too-distant future. This varied selection brings together a few jumps and bumps, including an adaptation of Stephen King’s short story Mute. Also includes Paul Kaye as a mysterious kidnapper in Straight Way Lost, and Buffy’s Anthony Head as a grieving father in Ella.

Films in this programme are eligable for the Popcorn Horror Award for Best Horror Short

Air, Keir Burrows, 15 min

Beneath, Al White, 13 min

Ella, Dan Gitsham, 9 min

Fixing Luka, Jessica Ashman, 12 min

Leashed, Aubrey Reynolds, 12 min

Mute, Jacqueline Wright, 12 min

Saved, Stuart Elliott, 12 min

Straight Way Lost, Jack Weatherley, 8 min

Swimming Away, Margarita Jimeno, 16 min

Total 109 min


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E.g., 31-07-2021