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LSFF: Low Budget Mayhem

6 Jan 2012

Expect a raucous show with our regular and popular Opening Night selection of out-there gems, from bad-taste depravity to bizarre animation. These films go to show that Lo and No Budget is the way to get noticed.

Includes the Little White Lies Award for Best Lo-Budget Film.

ABCDead, Camilla Robinson, 3 min

Baby Meat, Matilda Myszka, 4 min

Bicycle Botanist, Sarah Dixon , 2 min

Can't, Matt Fackrell/James Bailey/Leigh Thorne,17 min

Claude And The Dragon, Abe Buckoke, 4 min

The Greengrocer's Apostrophe, Ian Godden / Adam Perhard, 5 min

Hogan, Peter Millard, 2 min

Journey On A Bus, Naren Wilks, 3 min

The Moustache Man, Michael Everett, 4 min


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