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LSFF: Funny Shit

6 Jan 2012

This popular kick-off to LSFF is a selection of new films to put a smile on your face for the New Year. Watch out for Michael Fassbender and Liam Cunningham in Pitch Black Heist, a film in which a bank robbery takes a bizarre turn. And Josie Long and Kevin Eldon as voice animated little people in All Consuming Love [Man in a Cat].

Films in this programme are eligable for the LoCo Award for Best Comedy Short

All Consuming Love [Man In A Cat], Louis Hudson, 9 min

Asylum, Joern Utkilen, 18 min

Cream Egg, Ian Gamester, 4 min

Ed B. Low, Damien Tasker, 3 min

The Heist, Thomas Hefferon, 9 min

The Maestro, Chris Blaine/Ben Blaine, 3 min

Orrible, Giles Ripley, 5 min

Pitch Black Heist, John Maclean, 14 min

Revelations, Matthew Docherty, 5 min

Spoilt Broth, Toby Roberts, 5 min

Suicide Tuesday, Anton Short, 5 min

Tequila, Jon Drever, 2 min

The Uncertainty Principle, Oliver Smyth, 8 min

Wild Life, Kevin Maynard, 6 min

Total 96 min


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