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Otto Preminger, Laura, 1944

ICA Cinematheque: Laura

6 Aug 2013

Our newest film season Consider the Fugue commences with Otto Preminger's classic film noir Laura (1944). Loosely based on Vera Caspary's pulp mystery novels, this deceptive thriller follows New York police detective Mark McPherson as he investigates the murder of glamorous Manhattan advertising executive Laura Hunt.

As McPherson becomes increasingly embroiled in the case, professional interest in the victim descends into romantic fixation, this obsession casting doubt in the viewer's mind as to the reality of the corkscrew plot-twists and improbable story developments that later unfold. A pivotal scene mid-way through the film poses the question: are we still following the criminal investigation, or journeying through a fantasy of McPherson's creation?

Preminger's pot-boiler is a remarkable portrait of psychological obsession and a pioneering example of the fallible cinematic narrative.

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Laura, dir. Otto Preminger, USA 1944, 88 mins

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