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Tolca Mama, Dir Maayan Rassin, 2010

Brief Encounters in Israel

11 Nov 2010

This programme of short films by a promising new generation of Israeli filmmakers of different backgrounds engages with contemporary Israeli society and its complex and shifting mosaic of identities. The films reveal new perspectives on Israel in surprising, challenging and innovative ways. The screening will be followed by a party at the ICA Bar, with an exclusive DJ set from Lemez (Oi Va Voi, Yiddish Twist Orchestra).

UK Jewish Film Festival in association with the Jewish Community Centre for London


  • Unrecognised (Lo Mukar)

    A collage of docu-animation vignettes portraying different aspects of Bedouin life is both poignant and humorous.

    Unrecognised (Lo Mukar), dir. Noa Griner, Adiel Fadya, Mizmor Weizman, Masha Videgof, Emanuel Lev, Liran Kapel, Tal Shem Tov, Erez Hadad, Ofer Bechor, Ofi r Bino, Yulia Koritny, Roy Levi, Roman, Dror Shifman and Yael Dekel, Israel 2010, 6 mins, Hebrew with English subtitles, Sapir College Film & Television School

  • To Kill a Bumble Bee

    Canaan kills a bee. It is not the last thing that he will kill today.

    To Kill a Bumble Bee, dir. Sharon Maymon and Tal Granit, Israel 2009, 8 minutes, Hebrew with English subtitles

  • The Command

    As newlyweds Moti and Revi wake up one morning, Moti receives a call-up for military reserve duty. He is obliged to go but his wife has other ideas.

    The Command, dir. Adi Azulai, Israel 2009, 16 mins, Hebrew with English subtitles, Tel Aviv University Film & TV Department

  • What About Me?

    A bitingly funny short film by Etgar Keret and Shira Geffen (Jellyfish) about a man and his donkey trying to cross a checkpoint in the Israeli desert.

    What About Me? dir. Etgar Keret, Shira Geffen, Israel 2008, 4 mins, Hebrew with English subtitles

  • Tolca Mama

    Yasha arrives at the Dead Sea with his deceased mother’s urn in order to scatter her ashes, but he finds it difficult to say goodbye.

    Tolca Mama, dir. Maayan Rassin, Israel 2010, 14 mins, The Sam Spiegel Film & TV School, Jerusalem


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