Symposium: Mirage, 20 Years On - Part 1

31 Oct 2015

Where are we now in relation to structural violence, de-colonising culture and relations, and the power of aesthetics and its explorations of complex formations of racial identities?

This question formed a central part of this symposium, convened on the 20th anniversary of "Mirage: Enigmas Of Race, Difference & Desire" at the ICA, curated by David A. Bailey and organised in collaboration with INIVA. Furthermore, if the 1995 project marked a moment of considering the importance of Frantz Fanon and ways in which his writings on post-colonialism, identity, cinema and psychoanalysis intertwined with artistic practices and race, then what should the contemporary moment reflect upon?

Speakers in Part 1 include Allison Thompson, Morgan Quaintance, Evan Ifekoya and Lyle Ashton Harris, followed by a panel discussion. 

Organised in collaboration with David A. Bailey, ICF the International Curators Forum, UAL University of the Arts London, RCA Curating Contemporary Art Programme, Live Art Development Agency, Tiwani Contemporary, and realised with support from Arts Council England, Hutchins Center for African & African American Research Harvard University and Henry Louis Gates Jr.

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