Expect the Unexpected: An Interview with BORN n BREAD

We caught up with zine-makers, DJ collective and NTS Radio hosts, BORN n BREAD.

Kitty Malton

8 Jun 2016

Ahead of their zine-making workshop on 18 June, part of our Young ICA programme, Kitty Malton caught up with zine-makers, DJ collective and NTS Radio hosts BORN n BREAD to hear about how they met, why they set up their zine and the spots they recommend checking out in Peckham.

How did you all meet and when did you decide to start a collective? What advice would you give to other young people interested in making zines who might not necessarily come from an arts background?

We're family, school and uni friends. We started our collective when some of us came back from uni and saw our area changing. We thought we needed to inject some of our reality into the narrative. 

"We find it refreshing to turn off the tech and grab the pen and scissors to zine."

We would tell people contemplating creating a zine or another creative platform who don't see themselves in media to just do it! There's no point waiting!

With so much online these days, what draws you to the physical, DIY process of zine-making?

Being from this generation, we're surrounded by technology. So, we find it refreshing to turn off the tech and grab the pen and scissors to zine.

You’re all from Peckham, an area which has a lot going on creatively at the moment. Are there any Peckham-based organisations, projects or individuals we should be checking out?

Yes, there are lots of exciting things happening in Peckham. There's Bold Tendencies exhibition space in Peckham multiplex carpark and Frank's Cafe on the roof of the carpark. We love chilling in Bar Story and Peckham Springs. Our friends have a pop up restaurant in Peckham Springs called Drums & Flats. They have the best chicken wings in London!

"Our zines tell stories that you just do not see in mainstream media."

Our good friend DJ Charlie Bones has a record shop called Do!! You!!! records in Skyline shopping centre. Rye Wax is in the basement of the Bussey Building. They host amazing nights.

Zines have a history of shining a light on subcultures that challenge conventional representations of society in the mainstream media. How do your zines tackle these ideas?

Our zines tell our own personal stories about present moments and nostalgic experiences that you just do not see in mainstream media. We created a space to express this for people who have experienced similar stories to us and for those who are curious.

What can we expect from your workshop at the ICA?

Expect the unexpected! We'll take you on a journey into BORN n BREAD zine! ■

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