Encounters with Steel Sheets

BNC 2015 artist Pandora Lavender has written this evocative piece on her work in the show.

Pandora Lavender

4 Jan 2016

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015 artist Pandora Lavender has created this three-part piece, responding to the steel plate panels that form her work for this year's exhibition. The piece is typed on a 1939 Imperial 50 typewriter.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2015 runs 25 November 2015 - 24 January 2016.

Pandora Lavender’s practice is an investigational approach to the bringing out of potentiality – through destruction and dislocation, of deforming matter and objects beyond their origin, purpose, and fixity in order to bring about something ‘other’. Potentiality is a state of suspension where the possible remains, the possible refrains from ending in a determined result.