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  • Still: The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

    The Fantastic Mr Anderson

    3 Nov 20071 Dec 2007

    To celebrate the upcoming feature from funny-sad, super-stylish director Wes Anderson, we have his earlier films and his latest short, plus a preview of the new one!

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  • CinematICA logo


    9 Nov 20072 Jan 2009

    A fundraising initiative to raise at least £300,000 to refurbish our cinemas and pay for a continuing dynamic film programme.

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  • Photo: Sawako

    Atlantic Waves

    9 Nov 200711 Nov 2007

    The experimental audiovisual festival brings mind-expanding sounds and visions back to the ICA for three nights, with more world premieres than you can shake your Wire subscription at.

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  • UKJFF logo

    The UK Jewish Film Festival 2007

    10 Nov 200715 Nov 2007

    Films that cover subjects from a gay Israeli man's search for his 'missing piece' to echoes of the Holocaust in the corridors of corporate Paris, with special events, Q&As and discussions.

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  • 60 Years of Curating

    27 Nov 200729 Oct 2008

    Artists have come out of their studios and into the galleries, blurring the line between curator and creator... Looking back at key exhibitions and curator-artists.

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  • Still: The Legends of Rita

    Baader's Angels: Women's Roles in German Terrorism Films

    6 Dec 200710 Dec 2007

    The Baader-Meinhof Group remain a source of fascination, 30 years after three of their leaders died on the same night in prison. This season of films looks at the terrorist group and specifically at the role of the Baader-Meinhof women.

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  • Halloween Short Film Festival logo

    The 5th London Short Film Festival

    4 Jan 200813 Jan 2008

    Halloween presents multimedia mayhem, with an uncompromising programme of films and 10 days of special events.

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  • Still: Strawberry Shortcakes

    A Life More Ordinary: A Portrait of Contemporary Japanese People on Film

    9 Feb 200817 Feb 2008

    Six films from Japan that give insight into modern living and don't involve big swords or ghosts with long hair.

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  • Still: Casablanca

    Heart-Shaped Cinema

    14 Feb 200817 Feb 2008

    Four fabulous, beautiful, euphoric, flat-out romantic films (including one sneak preview) across one special evening!

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  • Photo: Genod Droog

    Wales Über Alles

    29 Feb 20081 Mar 2008

    We're celebrating St David's day twice this year, with a party proper on 1 March and a bonus leap year celebration with a wealth of Welsh talents the night before.

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