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The UK Jewish Film Festival 2007

10 Nov 200715 Nov 2007

"A true-ish, Jewish kind of movie party" The Independent

The ICA is proud to be part of the UK Jewish Film Festival 2007 with a selection of films that cover subjects from a gay Israeli man's search for his 'missing piece' to echoes of the Holocaust in the corridors of corporate Paris and two very different and moving portraits of families dealing with dark pasts.

There are special events too, with a panel discussion, Sexual and other Politics: Jews, Activism and Identity, following the screening of Jerusalem is Proud to Present and a post-screening Q&A with Jamie Kastner, director of Kike Like Me.

The UKJFF takes place in venues across London this November

  • Still: Heartbeat Detector

    Heartbeat Detector

    10 Nov 2007

    The ghosts of World War II haunt the corporations of today in the intense cinematic voyage of a psychologist in present day Paris.

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  • Still: Heir to an Execution

    Heir to an Execution

    11 Nov 2007

    A fascinating, insider's view of America's most controversial execution and a fierce and compassionate reclamation of Julius and Ethel Rosenberg as people.

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  • Still: Jerusalem is Proud to Present

    Jerusalem is Proud to Present + panel discussion

    11 Nov 2007

    This hair-raising documentary captures the homophobic hate campaign launched by fundamentalist religious groups ahead of World Pride celebrations in Jerusalem.

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  • Still: The Quest for the Missing Piece

    The Quest for the Missing Piece

    11 Nov 2007

    As a young Jewish gay man living in Tel Aviv with his German partner, Oded Lotan is in an intriguing position to examine the ritual of bris, or male circumcision. Screening with My Nose.

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  • Still: The End of the Neubacher Project

    The End of the Neubacher Project

    12 Nov 2007

    Marcus Carney takes a troubling journey into his family's Nazi past.

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  • Still: Kike Like Me

    Kike Like Me

    14 Nov 2007

    Finding himself irritated but intrigued when asked "are you Jewish?", secular young Canadian filmmaker Jamie Kastner goes in search of the motivations and meaning behind the question. Followed by Director Q&A.

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  • Still: 9 Star Hotel

    9 Star Hotel

    15 Nov 2007

    A group of Palestinian construction labourers working illegally on the building site of a new Israeli town, across from the West Bank.

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