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Youth Producing Change: Shorts & Q&A

20 Mar 2010

The second edition of Youth Producing Change shares 10 stories from young film-makers on the frontline of human rights crises around the world. Leila is an enchanting animation from Burkina Faso; Sako is a portrait of an Armenian boy working in a gravestone factory; Mozambique documents the impact of Aids on children and their wider communities; Thoughts in a Hijab gives voice to a young Iranian woman who leaves her country but continues to wear her hijab; What Courage Means to Me is inspired by the story of a Tibetan nun and political prisoner; Aquafinito looks at the distressing, unexpected impact of bottled water; in It’s Not About Sex 18 teenagers search for the roots of sexual violence and call for a change to attitudes;
Just a Normal Day reveals the grim reality of those targeted for ‘stop and search’ by police in London; In My Shoes is a documentary made by homeless teenagers in NYC.


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E.g., 01-08-2021