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White God

27 Feb 201512 Mar 2015

Kornél Mundruczó directs this stunning allegorical tale of man's abuse of superiority and privilege. When a new law is passed favouring pedigree breeds, legions of mongrel dogs are left to fend for themselves by their former owners. As 13 year old Lili faces a heartbreaking separation from her dog Hagen, her faithful friend endures torment and cruelty in his attempts to return home.

After Hagen and an army of dogs make a chance escape from a dog shelter, the dogs’ instinct for revenge explodes into savage retribution against their human oppressors.  In the end, one girl’s search for her dog may be the last chance for peace.

Combining deft political satire, a brilliantly strange narrative and strikingly violent canine imagery, this film is a truly unique experience on a par with other recent strangecore breakouts Blind, The Tribe and The Lobster.

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White God, dir. Kornél Mundruczó, Hungary/Germany/Sweden 2014, 121 mins., Hungarian with English subtitles. 

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