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Margarida Cardoso, Yvone Kane, 2014

Utopia: UK Portuguese Film Festival: Yvone Kane

22 Nov 2015

After the award-winning The Murmuring Coast (2004), Margarida Cardoso and Beatriz Batarda collaborate again to create a fascinating feature, shot on location in Mozambique.

Following the death of her child, Rita (Beatriz Batarda) returns to the African country where her mother (played by the Brazilian actress Irene Ravache) still lives, a former political activist now working as a doctor, trying to fight sickness and ghosts of the colonial past. As they both search for redemption and try to salvage their relationship, Rita decides to investigate the life of Yvone Kane, an ex-guerrilla fighter and political activist whose death has always remained a mystery. This is a truly cinematic film and a rare portrayal of the role of women in African politics.

Yvone Kane, dir. Margarida Cardoso, Portugal 2014, 117 mins.


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