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Catarina Ruivo, Second Hand (Em Segunda Mão), 2012

Utopia: UK Portuguese Film Festival: Second Hand

19 Nov 2015

This is the last we will see of the late Pedro Hestnes in a film, one of the most charismatic Portuguese actors of his generation. Pedro Hestnes was first brought to the spotlight as Vicente in Blood (1989), the first feature of internationally renowned Portuguese director Pedro Costa.

In Second Hand, Pedro Hestnes plays a well-known, if discontented, writer of erotic pulp fiction, who finds himself trapped in a film noir story. The film depicts landscapes and architecture with a truly artistic sensibility in strikingly beautiful shots. The story, a complex thriller, is also enriched by the characters portrayed by João Grosso and Luis Miguel Cintra. This is a unique opportunity to see the work of upcoming filmmaker Catarina Ruivo in London.

Second Hand (Em Segunda Mão), dir. Catarina Ruivo, Portugal 2012, 110 mins.


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