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Tomorrow We Move + Down There

12 Nov 2006

Tomorrow We Move (Demain on Déménage)

Dir Chantal Akerman, France 2004, 110 minutes, French with English subtitles
With Sylvie Testud, Aurore Clement and Elsa Zylberstein

"A comedy that borders on parody, and underscores the tragicomic dimension of Akerman's work." Edna Moshenson

Charlotte is trying to write an erotic novel whilst living with her widowed mother in a cramped and chaotic apartment. Whilst her mother earns her living giving piano lessons from their home, Charlotte is desperately trying to find eroticism in everyday situations and objects. It soon becomes a nightmare of cluttered rooms and conflicting needs and the two women have to struggle to negotiate their own space and to try to forge a relationship that enables them to live together.

Down There (La-bàs)

Dir Chantal Akerman, France/Belgium 2006, 79 minutes.

"When Jews in France say to each other 'Tu vas la-bàs' they usually mean: 'are you going to Israel? We have the place where we live and we have 'la-bàs'."

Akerman didn't intend to make a film about Israel. But then, while staying in a rented Tel Aviv apartment by the sea, she started filming. She continues to ask are images possible there? Is normal life possible there? A candid cinematic journey about Exile as an existential mode, in Europe or at the heart of Tel Aviv.

Filmmaker Chantal Akerman will present the films and attend a post screening discussion with the audience.


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