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Sunny, Dir. Kang Hyung-chul, 2011


4 Nov 2011

Korea's biggest hit of the year comes to the ICA with a film that deals with lost friendships, growing up with some singing and dancing thrown in for good measure. A shy and quiet girl, Na-mi, arrives in a strange new town, instantly becoming the target of her new school's bullies. Outnumbered and with nowhere to turn, Na-mi is suddenly saved by a bizarre misfit of girls. Though their friendship grows strong, a terrible accident rips them asunder for 25 years. Now an adult Na-mi regrets the way things have turned out and looks to bring the misfit group back together.

Dir. Kang Hyung-chul, South Korea 2011, 124mins, subtitled

Cast: Yoo H-jeong, Jin Hee-gyeong, Kh Sui-heeĀ 


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