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Suicide Forecast, Dir. Cho Jin-min, 2011

Suicide Forecast

10 Nov 2011

A former professional Baseball player, Byeong-wu, has successfully transferred from the exciting world of sports into the King of the insurance world. All is going well until one of his clients commits suicide and the deceased daughter accuses him of helping aiding in the death. But the cynic that is Byeong-wu pays the accusation no mind, that is until he comes under investigation. Of course the discussion of suicide is no laughing matter but everything that happens after is a madcap adventure with the charismatic and hilarious Ryoo Seung-beom from The Unjust and Crying Fist.

Dir. Cho Jin-min, S.Korea, 124mins, 2011, Subtitled

Cast: Ryoo Seung-bum, Seong Dong-il, Park Chol-min


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