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Strange Attractor Salon: From Animism to Zos

10 Mar 201112 May 2011

Operating in the spaces between obsession and occupation, the academy and the asylum, Strange Attractor's books and events have carved out a unique platform for a diverse host of authors, anthropologists, historians, scientists, sorcerers, artists, filmmakers and musicians.

As part of the Nathaniel Mellors: Ourhouse exhibition, Nathaniel Mellors and Strange Attractor Journal editor Mark Pilkington have assembled a series of weekly events consisting of a talk and a film, exploring some lesser-known intersections of culture, history, mind and nature.

From the twenty-first century resurgence of animist beliefs to the art and life of Austin Osman Spare, via London's lost rivers, the history of spider-silk weaving, nineteenth-century visions of a multi-dimensional universe and magical influences in twentieth century music, a wealth of recherché ideas, knowledge, and experiences await you in the Strange Attractor Salon.

  • Haunted Soundsystems + The Little Richard Story

    10 Mar 2011

    Writer and witchdoctor Stephen Grasso charts the influence of African Diaspora magico-religious traditions on music, followed by a screening of The Little Richard Story

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  • Image: Julian House

    Art & Animism + The Bed Sitting Room

    17 Mar 2011

    Dr Robert J. Wallis gives a talk on shamans, animists and prehistoric rock art, followed by The Bed Sitting Room in which a handful of bizarre characters struggle to carry on amongst the ruins around them.

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  • Image: Eleanor Morgan

    Spinning with Spiders + Duet for Cannibals

    24 Mar 2011

    Artist and researcher Eleanor Morgan examines the mythical and material entanglements between humans and spiders followed by a screening of Duet for Cannibals.

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  • The Life and Legend of Austin Osman Spare + Zardoz

    31 Mar 2011

    Artist, visionary and occultist, Austin Osman Spare’s career began in Edwardian celebrity and ended in Fifties obscurity, followed by a screening of Zardoz.

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  • Charles Hinton + Mr Freedom

    7 Apr 2011

    Mark Blacklock considers how Victorian Britain discovered the joys of multi-dimensional reality, followed by a screening of Mr Freedom.

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  • The Manster, Dir George Breakston,1959

    Dr David Luke + The Manster

    14 Apr 2011

    Dr David Luke remembers the future and other anomalies from the annals of parapsychology along with a screening of The Manster where an American reporter in Japan is transformed into a two-headed monster.

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  • Tom Bolton + The Island of Dr Moreau

    21 Apr 2011

    Tom Bolton, author of London's Lost Rivers makes an illustrated presentation on the rivers’ locations and their subsequent disappearance, followed by a screening of The Island of Dr Moreau.

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  • Marat/Sade, 1967

    Heretics to Headbangers + Marat/Sade

    28 Apr 2011

    Mark Pilkington introduces an audio-visual history of British occultism, followed by Marat/Sade, a film about the persecution and assassination of Jean-Paul Marat.

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  • Polaroid Photos by SF Said

    Ken Hollings + The Stuff

    5 May 2011

    Ken Hollings on adapting to interplanetary travel, with visuals and a live synthesiser soundtrack from The Asterism. Followed by a screening of The Stuff, the story of a mysterious, mind-devouring dessert that is discovered by a pair of miners.

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  • Antony Clayton + Boom

    12 May 2011

    Antony Clayton asks what lies beneath the city streets, followed by Boom: a film that explores the confrontation between a wealthy woman and penniless poet.

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