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Fireball XL5

SciFi TV

5 Jan 200722 Jan 2007

A chance to catch a selection of the best scifi television on the big screen.

  • Fireball XL5

    Gerry Anderson

    20 Jan 200722 Jan 2007

    Essential marionette action including the first episodes of Stingray and Captain Scarlet.

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  • Radio Times Cover: Dr Who and the Daleks

    Dr Who and the Daleks

    13 Jan 200721 Jan 2007

    William Hartnell as the Doctor takes on his ultimate enemy in Bedford.

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  • Still: Year of the Sex Olympics

    Year of the Sex Olympics

    6 Jan 20078 Jan 2007

    Terrifyingly prescient sci-fi from writer Nigel Kneale.

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  • Still: 1984


    5 Jan 20079 Jan 2007

    Perhaps the purest and most powerful of all Orwell adaptations.

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