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Bar-Ax Presents...

17 Mar 201019 Mar 2010

Bar-Ax is an independent cultural organization created to support artistic freedom for musicians in Iran and enhance the position of Iranian musical life, both nationally and internationally.

They proudly present a series of gigs at the ICA showcasing contemporary Iranian musicians.

  • Kiosk


    17 Mar 201018 Mar 2010

    The single most influential Iranian rock band since the 1979 revolution, Kiosk have played their country-blues around the world.

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  • Samavayo

    Kiosk + Samavayo

    18 Mar 2010

    Kiosk play a second date at the ICA with dance-rock band Samavayo in support.

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  • Mamak Khadem Ensemble

    Mamak Khadem Ensemble

    19 Mar 2010

    Mamak takes ancient Persian poetry and music and weaves it into a revolutionary new sound.

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