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Phase IV, Saul Bass, 1974

1970s SciFi: The Architecture of Nature

21 Oct 201127 Oct 2011

The unique opportunity to present groundbreaking 1970s scifi film Silent Running in fully-restored high definition at the ICA led us to think more about that decade's interest in man-made technology's place in nature.

So we've unearthed a pair of rarely-screened treats alongside Silent Running to show how prescient the genre was at expressing ecological concerns which wouldn’t enter the mainstream popular consciousness for at least another two or three decades.

  • Silent Running, Dir. Douglas Trumbull, 1972

    Silent Running

    21 Oct 201127 Oct 2011

    Mankind has extinguished all animal and plant life on earth and our remaining forests, vegetation and animal life are preserved in vast spaceships. When the order is given to abandon them, Freeman Lowell can’t bear to carry out his orders.

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  • Andromeda Strain, Dir. Robert Wise, 1971

    Andromeda Strain

    21 Oct 201123 Oct 2011

    A team of scientists investigate a deadly organism of extraterrestrial origin that causes rapid, fatal blood clotting. With breathtaking design and Special Effects from Silent Running director Douglas Trumball, The Andromeda Strain is a film about humanity and its sense of self when faced with the unknowable.

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  • Phase IV, Dir. Saul Bass, 1974

    Phase IV

    22 Oct 201127 Oct 2011

    At times haunting and even beautiful, it concerns a pair of US scientists who are observing strange behavioural patterns in ant colonies deep in the desert. The ants develop exponentially creating a form of collective consciousness which soon comes to the conclusion that we pesky humans need taking down a peg or two.

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