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Still: Bosta, Dir. Philippe Aractingi, Lebanon, 2005

Safar: Bosta + director introduction

21 Sep 2012

The first post-war musical made in Lebanon and a box office record breaker, Bosta tells the story of Kamal as he returns from exile in France, determined to revive his school dance group. He and his friends are reunited and set out to give a modern flavour to the traditional Lebanese dance (dabke), injecting it with their alternative spirit. But when they audition for the national Anjar Dance Festival they are accused by the conservative judges of damaging Lebanon’s last cultural icon and rejected. Undeterred, they defy the traditionalists by touring Lebanon aboard their old school bus (bosta), performing their new dance in rural villages.

Philippe Aractingi's road-musical is an enduring pop classic exploring culture clashes, and stars Nadine Labaki (star/director of Where Do We Go Now? and Caramel) in one of her first iconic roles.

Introduced by director Philippe Aractingi.

Dir. Philippe Aractingi, Lebanon, 2005, 112 mins, cert PG


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