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Still: Terrorism and The Kebab, Dir. Sherif Arafa, Egypt, 1993

Safar: Terrorism and The Kebab + Introduction

26 Sep 2012

One of the most popular Egyptian films of all time, Terrorism and the Kebab stars comedy legend Adel Imam – an actor often compared to Charlie Chaplin with respect to his physical versatility. Terrorism and the Kebab is a farce denouncing the absurdity of bureaucracy in modern Egypt.

Adel Imam plays Ahmed, a father who wants to move his son to a school closer to home. He goes to one of the government’s major administrative buildings, El-Mogamaa (the building in Tahrir Square that was heavily graffitied in the 2011 Egyptian Uprising), to pick up the required documents. Frustrated by the lack of response, he ends up attacking a government official and, when armed police respond to the situation, a machine gun accidentally finds its way into Ahmed's hands. In his new found position as a terrorist, Ahmed’s demands to the Minister of Internal Affairs are simple: shish kebab made of highest-quality lamb. After having a hearty meal with his hostages, however, his demands become more political. Adel Imam was later tried on charges of blasphemy for his role in the film.

Introduced by Writer-In-Residence Malu Halasa, this film will be popular with anyone who loved Four Lions, and is the first time it will be shown in the UK on the big screen.

Presented in partnership with the Egyptian National Film Center and the Egyptian Embassy in London. 

Dir. Sherif Arafa, Egypt, 1993, 105 mins, cert 12A


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