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Worship Dir. Calum MacDiarmid (n/a) UK, 10m 43s

Rushes: The Newcomer Category

23 Jul 201125 Jul 2011

For fictional, live action work by new filmmakers in the UK and under 12 minutes.

Uncle Fran
Dir. Mike Forshaw UK, 12m 27s
Fran drank because the world was beyond him. The world is beyond Fran because he drinks… Exploring themes of emasculation and isolation, the film follows Fran on the day of his mother’s funeral, as he tries to reconcile with his estranged daughter.

Sexy Pig
Dir. Robert Ford (MoNoPo Films) UK, 6m 30s
A curious burglar gets himself into a sticky situation. A tale of eggs and flour and phone sex.

Dir. A D Cooper (Hurcheon Films) UK, 9m 9s
In the darkness of a stalled underground train, two strangers get their feet swapped by some mysterious energy. As one is a rugby player and the other a ballet dancer, can it come out well for either of them?

Still Waters Run Deep
Dir. Michael St. John Savva (Michael St. John Savva) UK, 12m 36s
A wife is convinced her husband is having an affair and one night decides to follow him when he sneaks out of the house. To her shock horror she soon learns that whilst he is not cheating on her, his unusual drinking habit aids his peculiar desire.

The Cake
Dir. Esther Richardson (Anthem Films) UK, 8m 50s
Mrs Anderson has bought the same "Babka" cake from the same shop every Saturday for the last 35 years, but today there's only one left. Agatta, a new immigrant, also needs to buy it for a child's birthday party - so which woman will leave the shop with the cake, and at what price?

Training Day
Dir. Sam Hoare (Imperial House Productions) UK, 8m
A young boy growing up in a sleepy seaside town puts his Grandfather through his paces as they train for the biggest event of the year. But winning isn't everything.

Dir. Calum MacDiarmid UK, 10m 43s
The true story of a psychiatrist who delves deep into his dreams to confront his father’s religion. 'Who looks outside dreams, who looks inside, awakens' Carl Jung.

Nadya’s Circus
Dir. James Lawes (Saloon Films) UK, 10m 36s
Nadya and her friends excitedly head for London, but what awaits them in this foreign City?

Dir. Ed Edwards (Ragged Crow) UK, 2m 47s
The soldiers assemble, the music starts to play. The soldiers dance to the death...

God View
Dir. Billy Lumby UK, 7m
From an unusual perspective, we follow Philip around his neighbourhood in Hackney, East London. He is mentally unwell and misses his wife and daughter very much.

Dir. Tactful-Cactus


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