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Time Flies - The Heavenly Spheres, Dir. Yuki Nishimura (Yuki Nishimura) Japan, 4m 56s

Rushes: The Music Video Category

22 Jul 201125 Jul 2011

Music promos by filmmakers from around the world and under 12 minutes.

A Good Day To Die - Mishkin
Dir. Ben Daure, (Grape Productions) UK, 5m 12s
A Butter God is commanding the grim reaper (Craig) to carry out his sick and twisted deeds because of a rough history between Butter God and Mr Toast. Grim unwillingly carries out his orders until eventually he snaps and decided to rid the city of the filthy cretins that dwell within it.

Into The Cosmos – Architeq
Dir. Darren Robbie, (Chopsy Animation) UK, 2m 42s
What happens to all the old vinyl people used to play? From out of attics, rubbish bins & forgotten shelving, the records are summoned to an old warehouse by a mysterious ‘collector’. Into The Cosmos is ChopsyAnimations first foray into the world of music videos, a tie-in with music maker Architeq from Tirk Records.

Food – Matthew Garton
Dir. Samuel De Ceccatty, (Cat & Bear Pictures) UK, 3m 6s
On Matthew Garton's song Colourful, fruits come to life over the beam of a scanner.

Isles – Little Comets
Dir. Aoife McArdle, (Agile Films) UK, 3m 13s
Isles is an eye-opening and breath-taking look at the hidden beauty in Britain's decaying urban environments. Shot over the course of a week around the UK and Northern Ireland, Isles is a starkly evocative look at urban life in 20th Century Britain.

On Melancholy Hill - Gorillaz
Dir. Jamie Hewlett & Pete Candeland, (Zombie Flesh Eaters & Passion Pictures) UK, 4m 21s
On Melancholy Hill is the second video from the Gorillaz’ Plastic Beach album. In a continuation of the story which began with Stylo, we follow members of the band and some of their musical collaborators on a dramatic ocean based journey in their quest to reach Plastic Beach. Travelling in state of the art submersibles are (in order of appearance) Lou Reed, Gruff Rhys from Super Furry Animals, Snoop Dogg, Paul Simon and Mick Jones from The Clash, and De La Soul (Pos, Dave and Maseo).

One (Your Name) – Swedish House Mafia
Dir. Henrik Hanson, (Hanson&Hanson Stockholm HB) Sweden, 3m 21s
A night out.

Marching Song – Esben & The Witch
Dir. Peter King & David Procter, Agenda Collective) UK, 4m 24s
The video opens on close-ups of the band's members, each cut timed to a chord change. As the song escalates, their faces grow progressively bloodier and more battered and increasingly difficult to watch.

No Room For Mistakes – Murder
Dir. William Stahl, (Good Boy! Creative) Denmark, 4m 41s
This Dickensian fable illustrates how the most dangerous predator stalking modern man, is a creature known as conformity.

My Name Is Robert – Dan Deacon
Dir. Kathryn Marshall, UK, 1m 21s
Shot in a single-take, the music video was choreographed using painted wooden blocks and two actors. Music used in the video, My Name is Robert, was composed by Dan Deacon.

Mrs Violet – Joe Cave
Dir. Dan Shipton, (Good Egg) UK, 4m 10s
A one shot video where Mrs Violet is lead to her death by 'time echoes' of her dead ex.

Iron - Woodkid
Dir. Yoann Lemoine, (Caviar / HSI London)


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