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Reel Portraits

6 Nov 2013

Taking Lutz Bacher’s interest in identity as a starting point, this selection of artists’ videos looks at portraits, guiding us through the different forms of relationships between subject and filmmaker. The selected works reveal the subtle struggle behind the depiction of individuals through moving image, sound and narrative. These portraits also look at the moments where minor and major stories permeate, as these individuals’ extraordinary lives whose personal choices have helped shape a bigger cultural and historic landscape unravel on screen. 


Ben Rivers, Astika, Denmark/UK, 2006, 8 min
Jakub Wesolowski, My Blood, Poland, 2002, 3. 30 min
Benita Raphan, Absence Stronger than Presence, USA,1999, 6 min
Stephen Connelly, Film for Tom, UK, 2005,12 min
Pawel Grzes, Palimpsest, Poland, 2012, 13 min
Mariah Garnett, Encounters I May or May Not Have Had with Peter Berlin, USA, 14, 40 min

This event has been curated by ICA Student Forum members Sylwia Serafinowicz and Emily Butler.

All films are 18+ unless otherwise stated.


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