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The Recorder Exam, Dir Kim Bo-ra, South Korea, 2011

Mise En Scene Program 2

6 Nov 2011

The second programming from the Mise En Scene Short Films is filled with more great shorts including Ghost which was invited into the year's Cannes International Film Festival and the Berlinale Film Festival Silver Bear winner, Broken Night.

Night Fishing
The Berlinale Int'l Film Festival Golden Bear winner has its first UK screening. A man travels through the wilderness to fish by the moonlight but all he catches is a strange young woman who keeps calling him 'Daddy'.
Dir. Park Chan-wook, Park Chan-kyong, South Korea, 33mins, 2011, Subtitled
Cast: Oh Kwang-rok, Lee Jung-hyun

Ghost is a fantasy, supernatural film about a strange man that lives in an abandoned building. He sits all day sucking on chicken bones which somehow turns into a small doll, leading the man on a bizarre trip.
Dir: Yi Jeong-jin South Korea, 11mins, 2011, Subtitled
Cast: Kang Tae-young, Jin So-yeon

While having drinks with his co-workers, Jae-hong finds out that his best friend, Yuram has been telling all of his secrets behind his back. To make him feel better his co-workers start to tell him all of Yuram's, which just creates more conflict.
Credits: Dir Kim Han-kyul, South Korea, 20mins, 2011, Subtitled
Cast: Jae-hong, Seu Jung-hyun, Jung Da-won, Bae Yoo-ram, We Joo-kyun, Choi Min-young, Jung Ji-hyung

The Recorder Exam
Eun-hee, is nine and has an impending recorder exam and wants to do as well as possible to honour her family be the pressure of performing looms over her.
Dir Kim Bo-ra, South Korea, 28mins, 2011, Subtitled
Cast: Hwang Jeong-won, Park Myeong-shin, Jeong In-ki

Broken Night Synopsis
Kyoung-pyo earns a living from committing insurance fraud with road accidents. One night he has a close call but manages to drive away when a girl on a moped crashes into his car. He tries to drive away but a witness has recorded the accident and blackmails him. He pays up and leaves only to realize that he has been conned and drives back to look for him.
Dir Yang Hyo-joo, South Korea, 22mins, 2011, Subtitled
Cast: Jung In-gi, Han Joo-wan, Lee Min-ji

Joon takes his 12 year old dog, In-boon, into his truck and drives away to a strange new place. In-boon has to bid farewell to the only home he has ever known and thrown into a strange, new place filled with strange, new people.
Dir Hong Sung-won, South Korea, 9mins, 2011, Subtitled
Cast: Lee Joon-hee, Lee Kwang-jin, Kim Tae-hoon, Hwang Mi-young, Jin Sung-il, Shin Ho-yong 


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