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Promise, Dir Yang Hyun-ah, 2011

Mise En Scene Program 1

5 Nov 2011

2011 sees the 10th anniversary of the famous Mise En Scene Short Film Festival. We bring the best of this milestone year to the UK shores, with award winning fantasy films, Night Fishing, animation, City, dramas, The Promise and short, little comedies, Social Service Agent.

Night Fishing
The Berlinale Int'l Film Festival Golden Bear winner has its first UK screening. A man travels through the wilderness to fish by the moonlight but all he catches is a strange young woman who keeps calling him 'Daddy'.
Dir. Park Chan-wook, Park Chan-kyong, South Korea, 33mins, 2011, Subtitled
Cast: Oh Kwang-rok, Lee Jung-hyun

Social Service Agent
A late bloomer who's put off his military service until he's 32 has nothing to do but argue with the delivery man who comes to his office every day.
Dir Kim Tae-yong, South Korea, 26mins, 2011, Subtitled
Cast: Ko Kyung-min, Park Soo-jin, Choi Yong-hyun

A woman keeps by her comatose husband contemplating if she should leave the man she loves to live her life.
Dir. Yang Hyun-ah, South Korea, 25mins, 2011, Subtitled
Cast: Kim Si-jeong

The Hideout
In a rural, snow ruined village a female journalist desperately seeks a computer to email in her article but when she finally does she finds suspicious people all around her.
Dir. Lee Chang-hee, South Korea, 30mins, 2011, Subtitled
Cast: Park In-hye, Kang Ji-hoon, Park Ji-han, An Chang-hwan

Have an interesting and magical look into a world without walls or boundaries in this thought provoking animation.
Dir: Kim Young-geun, South Korea, 7mins, 2011, Subtitled


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