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LSFF: Family Affairs

11 Jan 2012

You can choose your friends but not your family. These powerful dramas show family bonds as both a hindrance and a blessing, as mothers and daughters, sisters and brothers, and all other combinations try to get by. Includes Roger Lloyd Pack and Being Human’s Michael Soca in The Good Men of Leicester.

List of screenings:

Being Bradford Dillman, Emma Burch, 11 min

Communion. Andrea Harkin, 17 min

The Good Men of Leicester, Neale Craston, 11 min

My Life in Cat Years, Bertie Telezynski, 13 min

Not Now Pet, John Jencks, 6 min

Papa, Carolina Giammetta, 11 min

Playing Nurse, Miranda Howard-Williams, 9 min

Shades of Beige, Aimee Powell , 15 min

Wings, Esther Richardson, 13 min

Total 106 min


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