Previously at the ICA - Live/Performance

Shu Lea Cheang, Fluidø, 2017. Photo by J. Jackie Baier

Liberate the Fluid

19 May 2018

Filmmaker and artist Shu Lea Cheang presents a ‘performance as party’ with this improvised collective performance featuring selected cast and audience members, with music from Lady Vendredi.
Based on the presumptuous sci-fi scenario of the speculative forthcoming sequel film Fluidø 2, the ICA Theatre is transformed into a hyper-playground where the gender conforming and nonbinary, chasers and chased and liberators and liberated find themselves in unexpected acts of intimacy. A selected ensemble gleaned from an open casting steal the spotlight with impro-performative-acts, manifesting the powers of intervention and resistance. 

Lady Vendredi (AKA Nwando Ebizie) is a multidisciplinary artist whose work converges around performance art personas, experimental theatre, neuroscience, music and  ritualistic dance in the African diaspora. Carving a unique strand of Afrofuturism, Lady Vendredi combines research into the neuroscience of perception and science fiction with a live art practice.


We are offering a special multibuy offer for the screenings of Fluidø + Shu Lea Cheang Q&A, Liberate the Fluid and WONDERS WANDER, Shorts + Panel

Purchase a 2 event multibuy ticket for Fluidø + Shu Lea Cheang Q&A and Liberate the Fluid: £8 (full price) £5 (ICA Members)   

Purchase a 3 event multibuy ticket for Fluidø + Shu Lea Cheang Q&ALiberate the Fluid and WONDERS WANDER, Shorts + Panel: £12 (full price) £8 (ICA Members)   


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