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Let’s Make a Sequel - Fluidø2

Let’s Make a Sequel - Fluidø 2

19 May 2018

‘We call for gender fluid human, non-human, trans-gens, retro-gens, junkies, pissers, huggers, cuddlers and all body positive sexing creatures to join this open casting performance’
– Shu Lea Cheang
Playing with the idea of a casting as performance, filmmaker and artist Shu Lea Cheang presents this open casting for Fluidø 2, a speculative film sequel to the cypherpunk, sci-fi porn feature film Fluidø (2017). The audience is invited to watch auditions led by London-based performers in a casting featuring Jürgen Brüning as Producer, Shu Lea Cheang as Director and Giulia Casalini as Casting Director (2–5pm). The selected cast will appear as part of the public performance party Liberate the Fluid (9pm). Both events take place in ICA Theatre.
Fluidø 2 – a brief scenario by Shu Lea Cheang
As a sequel to feature length film Fluidø, Fluidø 2 follows the NEO ZERO GEN of gender nonbinary who plunge into gender fluidity and resurface with quantitative ejaculation assisted by DIY prostheses. Liberated from the Drug Lords, chased by the Government, the NEO ZERO GEN have gone underground, claiming their mission to ‘liberate the fluid.’ Meanwhile, the Government dispatches the newly released ULTRA AGENT ZERO of 013 edition to round up the GEN. The upgraded replicants of arrest are programmed to resist any sexual temptation and are coated with a 3rd skin to bounce back any viral fluid contamination. Asexual as they are, unexpected glitches are bound to happen. An intimate embrace from NEO ZERO GEN can cause a total system shutdown for AGENT ZERO 013, making them dysfunctional, addicted to hugs, strokes and cuddles offered by bodily interaction. Prompted by the power of touches that penetrate the 3rd skin to reach the C Tactile afferents, AGENT ZERO’s nerve fibres are triggered to emit the ultimate sexual sensation. The plot thickens as the NEO ZERO GEN reverse AGENT013’s aggression by corrupting them with hugs and more hugs…
Shu Lea Cheang

Further details on the how to apply to audition in the casting call are found here


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