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JODI, What is Your Value?

27 Jan 2016

Art duo JODI (Joan Heemskerk and Dirk Paesmans) give a presentation in response to the question: Artists, what is your value?

"Long before the internet was soaked in a glut of obsessive Flash-happy graphic designers, JODI was using and abusing web languages to create more than a distinctive style. Taking their cursors off the ‘undo’ button, they used accidental errors in HTML and other codes to turn our screens from mere repositories of data into funhouses, from virtual displays of art into works of art themselves."

"JODI pioneered in the mid-1990s. Based in the Netherlands, JODI (Joan and Dirk) were among the first artists to investigate and subvert conventions of the Internet, computer programs, and games. Radically disrupting the very language of these systems, including interfaces, commands, errors and code... \ ___| / __/ \ \__ \ / / \/ \ \ / / ______ \ \ / / __/______\__ \ \ ./ /__ ___ /=================\ ___ __\ \. [4]-------> [ . ]___||___|====|[[[[[|||||||]]]]]|====|___||___ <------[4] ..."

This event is presented as part of ICA talks series: Artists, what is your value? Replicating productivist injunctions for creative practitioners to serve as entrepreneurs, repeatedly proving and performing their own worth, these talks goad artists, critics and theorists to make estimations of the worth of art and artists in the current age.


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