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Still: Invisible

Invisible + Flow

9 Mar 2007

Part environmental expose and part art film, Invisible flies in the face of conventional documentary making methods. In her visually stunning picture, artist and filmmaker Mortimer leads us on a hypnotic journey to the high arctic. Against this wintry backdrop she follows research into the far-reaching effects of industrialization on the environment, and considers the extent of their consequences. Featuring testimonies from leading environmental scientists and women from the Inuit community, Invisible tells the story of how man-made chemicals are building up in our bodies and being passed from mother to child. Mortimer uses dramatic imagery to create a fascinating portrait of contemporary Inuit life and explore their traditional connection to the earth. The result is a thought-provoking documentary that will leave the viewer questioning how we live in the world today.

Dir Roz Mortimer, UK 2006, 63 mins

Preceded by Flow, a UK premiere from Swedish directing team Cederstam and Bengtsson that takes an alternative look at the crucial role played by water in human existence. As it considers this essential component in all our lives in all its different forms, Flow combines the political and the poetic on an environmental theme, interweaving documentary footage with fiction and animation.

Dirs Ewa Cederstam and Asa Marie Bengtsson, Sweden 2006, 12 mins


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