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Travis Matthews and James Franco, Interior. Leather Bar., 2013

Interior. Leather Bar. + Cruising

15 Dec 2013

unScene Cinema presents this double bill, with a video introduction from director Travis Mathews.

Interior. Leather Bar.
Directors Travis Mathews and James Franco. USA 2013, 60 mins
In order to avoid an X rating, 40 minutes of S&M footage was rumoured to be cut and destroyed from William Friedkin's 1980 film Cruising. Inspired by the mythology of this controversial film, James Franco and Travis Mathews collaborated to imagine their own lost footage in Interior. Leather Bar.

Director William Friedkin. USA 1980, 102 mins
An undercover New York cop (Al Pacino), assigned to tracking down a killer who is preying on homosexuals, discovers his own latent homosexuality.

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