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Wysing Polyphonic

ICA Music: Wysing Polyphonic Record Launch

23 Mar 2017

The ICA are pleased to collaborate with Wysing Arts Centre to launch their new record label Wysing Polyphonic, with a live performance by the first band to release on the label, Ectopia, alongside special guests xname and SIREN as well as N-Prolenta, who will be making their UK debut.

Wysing Polyphonic will commission new compositions in sonic experimentation, and for the first release three-piece Ectopia have created a suite of seven new works that take the listener on a journey into sad acid house, scratched DVDs, lipstick clogged with rolling tobacco and hangovers with absent lovers.

The label will focus releases on artists whose work crosses spoken word, music and evocative sound. The imprint follows seven years of producing successful annual music festivals that have seen the likes of Karen Gwyer, Helena Hauff, Holly Herndon, James Holden, Klara Lewis, Elaine Mitchener, Hannah Sawtell, David Toop, Nik Colk Void and many others perform live at Wysing.

Artist biographies

  • Ectopia

    Ectopia have been together since 2011, and use words, cello and synthesisers in their music. They are Adam Christensen, Jack Brennan and Viki Steiri. Previous works have included sound-tracking Jack Smith’s experimental film Normal Love (1963) and Carl Theodor Dreyer’s The Passion of Joan of Arc (1928).

  • N-Prolenta

    N-Prolenta is a producer, writer, multimedia artist and classically-trained string player whose work has been described as being on the cutting vanguard of experimental electronic music. They've worked with the likes of serpentwithfeet, PTP, NON Worldwide, and Halcyon Veil and have been featured in publications like The Wire, Art in America, and The Fader. Coming through a wide-ranging palate of sonic influences—spanning trap music and new age soundscapes, to the mutated club sounds of late, to trance, soul, darkwave and lyric poem—Brandon Covington Sam-Sumana's work through the N-Prolenta project erects tapestries of sound that are as dissonantly idiosyncratic and abrasive as they are rapturously gentle and apparative.


    SIREN is a collective that started a year ago in London, with the purpose of creating a space for those under-represented in dance music on lineups and in crowds. Their parties, zines and radio shows aim to be musical and political platforms for women & non-binary people, as well as a space to critique current trends within electronic music and create their own alternatives. They are not a DJ collective but many of  them do DJ, and focus on the exploring the broadest sense of techno – from electro to minimal, acid to breakbeat.

  • xname

    xname is Eleonora Oreggia, a London based conceptual electronic artist from Milan who makes performances and interactive installations. Her live compositions transform light and other electromagnetic frequencies in sound waves through self-built synthesizers and complex semi-chaotic machines.


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