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Fritz Lang, Frau im Mond (Woman In The Moon), 1929

ICA Cinematheque: Thinking in Motion

18 Feb 20148 Apr 2014

To complement Richard Hamilton at the ICA, an artist who was fascinated by experimentation and modernity, this ICA Cinematheque series of screenings explores visionary cinema from the past and how it can anticipate and provoke current debates on the interaction between technology and the human condition.

This season considers films that lead to a metaphysical exploration of the workings of humanity, from the beginning of time to the distant future. The screenings were selected with the intention of showcasing some of the more ground breaking and controversial films that fixate on technology and human evolution. The sense of isolation that innovation can bring, the magnetism of adventure, and speculating on and challenging the unknown are, amongst other elements, the trait d’union of each of these works.

From February to April 2014, each screening will be accompanied by a brief introduction from ICA Film & Cinema Co-ordinator Nico Marzano.

The ICA Cinematheque is a strand of programming that incorporates classic art house titles, film seasons, director retrospectives and 35mm repertory screenings into the weekly cinema events.


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E.g., 01-08-2021