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Still: I Am

I Am + Q&A

10 Mar 2007

"In February 2002, a teenager was detained by police in Łódź. The boy havingmongre run away from a children's home, spent six months living alone in a shed. Nobody was surprised or, for that matter bothered, by his presence"

Inspired by these true events, I Am is the fourth feature from one of Poland's most talented, award winning directors Dorota Kediersawska. Stunningly shot and set to a soundtrack by Michael Nyman, I Am is the story of a young boy known to his community only as 'Mongrel'.

Living on an old, battered barge, Mongrel befriends a troubled little girl from an affluent family who live nearby. This chance meeting brings about his first experiences of affection and even love which he has been lacking all of his young life. Not out to blame anyone or take charity, the independent and brave Mongrel wins our affections with his stoicism and undeniable spirit.

In a poignant scene towards the end of the film, Mongrel has learnt how to stand up for himself with dignity, he states his right to exist and make choices ('I Am') even when hope seems lost. Piotr Jagielski puts in an exceptional talented and authentic performance as a child surviving constant rejection.

Dir Dorota Kediersawska, Poland 2005, 93 mins


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