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Heart, Beating in the Dark

15 Feb 2012

Praised as one of the most complicated films produced in Japan that year, the 2005 version of Nagasaki's Heart, Beating in the Dark returns with a new view on the relationship between the past and the present, recreating old narratives into new ones. The character's from the 1982 version, Ringo and Inako, are reunited unexpectedly with another young couple, Toru and Ritsuko, who are hiding from a group of gangstersat a friend's apartment.

Nagasaki’s project reunites the fates of these two couples at a time where their lives are in the worse situations. Visually underlining the main issues and the painful side effects of human relationships, the film recalls the work of Academy Award winning director, Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and Paul Thomas Anderson.

Dir: Shunichi Nagasaki, 2005, Japan, 104mins
Cast: Takashi Naito, Shigero Muroi, Shoichi Honda, Noriko Eguchi, Taro Suwa, Kaori Misushima


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