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Sleep (Nemuri Yusurika)

16 Feb 2012

The director Katsumi Sakaguchi will introduce the film and take part in a Q&A before the screening on 16 February

Since her rape at the age of fifteen, Kotono leads an unstable life with her daughter Natsume, working as a masseuse and prostitute. With the money she makes, Kotono hires a private detective to find her rapist in order to relieve her desire for revenge. 

Under the title of Nemuri Yusurika, the name of a type of mosquito that can survive long periods of draught and extreme heat and known for its remarkable resilience and vitality, the film directly alludes to Natsume, a child who was born out a horrible situation. The drama of living such a traumatic life is outwighed by the loving relationship between Kotono and Natsume.

Dir. Katsumi Sakaguchi, 2011, Japanese with English subtitles, 96 mins


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