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Lucrecia Martel Retrospective: The Headless Woman

The Headless Woman

26 May 2018

Veronica, played by MarĂ­a Onetto, is driving on the highway in Northwestern Argentina. Distracted by the ringtone of her mobile phone, she runs over something but doesn't stop. Guilt, denial and avoidance turn into trauma, and the imagined ghosts of this event begin to haunt her. The police confirm that there were no accident reports, and yet, her doubts persist. Was it an animal? A child? This psychological thriller follows Veronica who tries to piece together the events of that fateful day, as her mind slowly unravels.

The Headless WOman (La Mujer Sin Cabeza) - Trailer

The Headless Woman (La Mujer Sin Cabeza), Dir. Lucrecia Martel, Argentina, 2008, 87 mins


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