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Jesús Garay, Eyes on the Sky, 2008

Eyes on the Sky + Q&A

30 Jan 2014

Maria is a documentary filmmaker who is investigating the fascist bombings of Barcelona in 1938. Her research focuses on two people, an air defence fighter, Manel, and one of the pilots, Mario. Now in old age, Mario is visiting Barcelona for a conference on Dante’s Inferno, and Maria is determined to challenge him about his role in the bombings. Director Jesús Garay skilfully combines reality and fiction in a moving essay on memory and guilt and the use of different cinematographic narratives to portray the past.

We are delighted to welcome the British historian Professor Paul Preston, who specialises in the Spanish Civil War, for a Q&A after the screening.

London Premiere

Eyes on the sky Mirant al cel

Eyes on the Sky (Mirant al cel), dir Jesús Garay, Spain 2008, 83 mins, cert 15, English subtitles


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