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Image: Grace Miceli


10 Sep 2011

Everything returns to celebrate its first birthday in conjunction with Jack Smith: A Feast For Open Eyes.

To commemorate this special event we’ve invited the finest artists, DJs and contributors from the past year for a 'Best of Everything' night inspired by the work of the legendary American artist, filmmaker and actor Jack Smith.


  • A Jack Smith inspired surrealist musical based on a Daily Mail article and composed by Alex Nikiporenko
  • A new dance performance by Paul Kindersley who brought us Albert: A Sketch for a Ballet Parts 1 & 4
  • Exclusive Jack Smith-themed performances from Grace Miceli and Treasure Teeth, livestreamed from New York
  • A new Jack Smith-inspired film by Rafal Zajko
  • Resident DJs ME:ME


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E.g., 02-08-2021