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The Ethno-Fictions of Laura Huertas

The Ethno-Fictions of Laura Huertas Millán + Q&A

7 Sep 2018

These three acclaimed works from Colombian filmmaker Laura Huertas Millán combine multiple modes of storytelling to explore the spaces where documentary, anthropology and fiction intertwine. A triptych of rich and poignant personal portraits – all produced by Millán during a practice-based PhD between Beaux-Arts de Paris and Harvard Sensory Ethnography Lab – Sol Negro (2016), La Libertad (2017) and jeny303 (2018) deftly move between the real and the imagined; melodrama and memoir; staged performance and interview to challenge the colonial roots of ethnography, examining complex ideas around representation, womanhood and individual and collective freedoms. All three films, grouped together by the filmmaker as her "ethnographic fictions" series, screen as UK premieres.

This screening is followed by a Q+A with filmmaker Laura Huertas Millán.
Laura Huertas Millán, Sol Negro, Colombia/France, 2016, 43 mins
Laura Huertas Millán, La Libertad, Colombia/Mexico/France/USA, 2017, 29 mins
Laura Huertas Millán, jeny303, Colombia/France, 2018, 6 mins

Dir. Laura Huertas Millán, 2016–2018, 78 mins

This screening is followed by a Q&A with filmmaker Laura Huertas Millán, hosted by Stephanie Spray, filmmaker, anthropologist and co-director of Manakamana.


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