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Home of the Resistance

Home of the Resistance + Uppland + Q&A

9 Sep 2018

In 1974 Kumrovec, a village in northern Croatia, communist authorities built the Memorial Home for WWII Resistance Fighters and Youth of Yugoslavia, a building that has lain dormant since its closure in 1991. Ivan Ramljak’s atmospheric spatial study Home of the Resistance stares through the modernist architectural elegance to reveal, within its ruined walls, the spectres of the past. Edward Lawrenson’s Uppland looks at the highlands of Liberia, where a once thriving mining town now stands abandoned and decaying, a concrete ruin in the bush. It is a film about architecture, the remnants of colonialism and the spiritual cost of industrial mining.

In partnership with UCL Urban Laboratory.

Home of the Resistance, Dir. Ivan Ramljak, 2018, Croatia, 50 mins
Uppland, Dir. Edward Lawrenson, 2018, UK, Ireland, 29 mins

This UK premiere is followed by a Q&A with directors Ivan Ramljak and Edward Lawrenson, hosted by filmmaker, photographer and academic Henrietta Williams.

Home of the Resistance Trailer


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