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Nobuhiro Yamashita, The Drudgery Train, 2012

East Side Stories: The Drudgery Train + Q&A

4 Feb 2014

19-year-old dropout Kanta (Mirai Moriyama) lives a hopelessly destitute life, fuelled by alcohol and peep-shows, in Japan’s bubble era. After befriending colleague Shoji and landing a date with used-book shop worker Yasuko, the unlikely bookworm Kanta appears to be moving in the right direction, only to discover life is not as easy as he thought.

Actor Q&A
Following the screening will be a Q&A with actor Mirai Moriyama.

Awards: Best Actor – Mirai Moriyama (Kinema Junpo, 2012)

The Drudgery Train (Kueki ressha), dir Nobuhiro Yamashita, Japan 2012, 105min, English subtitles


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